19/20-inch Dakar summer wheel-and-tyre set, painted in black (silky finish)

Forged alloy wheels, one-piece with a 5-spoke design. Painted in Black (silky finish), with bright-polished rim flange.

Front axle: 8.0 J x 19 RO 38 with summer tyres 245/45 ZR 19,
Rear axle: 11.5 J x 20 RO 63 with summer tyres 295/40 ZR 20.

Part number: 992 044 660 S

The wheel hub covers (Part number 000 044 607 64) are included in the scope of supply.

Available for:
    • 911 Dakar
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AUD 13,902.22 incl. 10% GST

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